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Steelcalc Intumescents

Steel Types - Angles, Channels, Circular, Flats, Rectangular, Square, Tees, Universal Beam, Universal Columns, Wind Braced, Composite Floors, Partials, Specials, Plate Girders, Joists, Cellular Beams and Ovals.

Steel Sizes - There are over 2,600 different steel sizes available. (British, American, European and Australian)

Multi System Licence - If you have a Multi System Licence then you are able to copy data from one product type to another. So if you have created an Intumescent project and you get asked to see what Board products you could use as an alternative then copy all of your steel sections and paste them into a Board project.

Additional Licences - If you have a BS Licence and a EN Licence both registered in Steelcalc then you can also copy and paste from one to the other.


Project Types

Produce projects in m² by Kilo Grams or Litres.

Produce projects in Items and Length by Kilo Grams or Litres.



Create New Projects

You are able to select individual products or let Steelcalc pick all available products for you.


Topseals - Steelcalc holds the default Topseal for each product. You can easy select another if required.

Composite Floors - You can choose between Trapezoidal and Dovetail.

Primers - You can add two primers of your own making to your project.

Specials - Steelcalc gives you the option to enter any steel sizes that are not a standard size or if one of the available steel sizes are being used in a special way then you can use the Unique Specials Calculator to help you calculate a new A/V and Girth. Depending on which steel section you use you can create Edge Beams, Shelf Angles and Integrated Plates.





Shelf Angles - 1x or 2x shelf angles and even Edge Beam with an angle can be selected. Add the slab depth for fast calculations.




Cellular Beams - Simply select the Top and Bottom steels, input beam depth and then modified manufacturers DFT. Flexible and simple, this covers all products and even steels from plates can be handled. New, a search facility which enables you to find the required steels from a reference number.



Project Grid View Changes - Alternative input order or sort by Zone/Steel.

Insert/Paste Above or Below - Use this facility to insert record(s) in exactly the right place.



Totals and Reports Builder - This facility enbles you to create your reports. You have the ability to select which products you wish to use from your currently opened project. You can create project Notes and also a Disclaimer to add to your report. You also have the ability to have your own company logo show on all reports.







Cost Adjuster - This facility enables you to amend, delete and insert overheads and change costs for any inputted products. You are able to enter a unit price and a percentage to any value. You can also create a costing model which will store all your entered overheads in a special file so it can be recalled back into any other project you create.






Steel Type Selector - Faster selection via on-screen icons.

Alternative Products - View other Products loadings while working on another Product.

Project Templates - Rather than selecting products each time when creating a new project this allows you to produce your 'standard' groups of products as templates.

Enhanced Copy, Cut and Paste - Steelcalc offers several different methods of copying and pasting data. You can simply select a whole range of records without the need of selecting each individual record. You can copy by Zone, Uncoverable records, by steel type, by steel size or even if its a composite floor or wind braced section.

Replace - This facility enables you to update any record that is currently active in your project grid. Change just one Zone or if you have Marked records select just to change those.

Watermarks in Reports - Addition of a product watermark restricts misuse of your work


Grid Cell Editing - Simple on-screen changes to your input, makes amending fast!

Drag and Drop - Move and/or copy records to another Zone or location available.

Copy Store - You can also drag and drop records from the Copy Store into your project grid.


Estimators Assistant - The Estimators Assistant enables you to compare different product information from your selected steel sections.

The Estimators Assistant offers you 4 different ways to compare your selected steel sections.

  • Top Ranking by Cost
  • Top Ranking by Quantity Required
  • Best Fit by Quantity Required
  • Best Fit by Supplier by Quantity Required

Top Ranking by Cost - This allows you to find the top 5 products based on a unit cost price.

Top Ranking by Quantity Required - This allows you to find the top 5 products based on its quantity required data.

Best Fit by Quantity Required - New This option will automatically find the lowest quantity required available from all your selected products.

Best Fit by Supplier by Quantity Required - New This option will automatically find the lowest quantity required available from all your selected products in Supplier order.

New - You are now able to select more than one products steel sections at the same time to do a comparison with all other products. So if you have a project made up of two products where one product is covering Beams and another product covering Hollow Sections or Columns then you can select both of these products and compare them against one or more products which are able to cover both Beams, Hollow Sections and Columns.

New - If you use the Best Fit options then you are now able to create a new project directly from Estimators Assistants using the results.


Reports - You have a range of Reports to select from

  • Bill of Quantity
  • Summary Report
  • Summary Report (Consolidated)
  • Summary Extended Report
  • Summary Extended Report (Consolidated)
  • Summary by Zone Report
  • Summary by Zone Report (Consolidated)
  • Clients Report
  • Clients Report (Consolidated)
  • Material Quantity Report



Notes and Disclaimer - Create Notes and Disclaimer text for all your reports by using the available editors in Totals and Report Builder facility.






Cost Centre - Steelcalc enables you to store your cost prices for all available Basecoats and Topseals. You also have the ability to store Application Rates either by Coats or Passes. A quantity of up to 50 can be used. Steelcalc is able to price your Basecoats, Topseals and Primers by their container cost price or by an individual unit price, either Litres of Kilo Gram.

The Cost Centre prices are transferred into your project on its creation. You then use the Cost Adjuster facility to amend the prices as required.


Intumescent Suppliers Available in Steelcalc

Bollom Fire Protection

Firetherm Limited

International Paints

Jotun Paints (Europe) Limited


PPG Industries UK Limited

Promat International Limited

Sherwin Williams Protective and Marine

Sika Deutschland GmbH