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Changes to Steelcalc

Steelcalc Version 7 now launched - access Design Codes Failure Temperatures!

See what's new in Steelcalc Version 7 - View Details

EN Version (Intumescents Only) - Steelcalc now has the ability to create projects that match the European testing data. BS version users can purchase a new licence to get this version added to their current Steelcalc .

Application Styles - There are 3 styles that you can select and this depends on your preference or what operating system you are using.

Check for Updates - Check for updates directly over the Internet.

Change Report Colours - This gives you the ability to stylise your own reports.

Container Groups - This facility enables you to cost the selected product by its container cost.

Copy Store - The Steelcalc Copy Store allows you to copy up to 24 multiple Cut and Copy project record selections. This enables you to recall any of the copied data without having to copy the data again.

Cost Centre - Wastage - This facility enables you to enter a different default wastage for each product available in Steelcalc.

Cost Centre - Topseals - You can now store all your costs for each available Topseals.

Lock Projects - If you need to distribute your projects to another user and do not wish them to amend any data then you can lock the project which will prevent any updates from being applied to the project.

Created/Amended By Info - Each newly created project stores information on which user created the project and which user was the last person to amend any data, this also includes the date and time.

Prime Selected Steels - You can select the option only to select certain steel sections to be used in calculating the Primer requirements.

Copy Records from this Project - You use the facility to copy data from a previous project without the need to open it.

Estimators Assistant

  • Multi Comparison System - You can select more than one product to use for comparisons.
  • Two new comparison options - Best Fit by Product by Quantity Required and Best Fit by Supplier by Product by Quantity Required.
  • Create new Project - From the results of the best fit options you can create a new project.
  • Master Info System - This facility will run a complete analysis of all products and store the information ready for your comparisons. This results in the assistant running 50% quicker than previous.
  • Exclude product from Estimators Assistant - You can now select which products you do not want to be included in any of your comparisons.

New Toolbar layouts - Steelcalc has new toolbars available to the user for easier access to the facilities you require.

Finder Utility - This facility enables you to enter a steel size in the input box and Steelcalc will search through the currently selected steel section type.

Product Supports Facility - This facility enables you to compare loading data for different products.

Projects Manager - Pinned to the left side of the main Steelcalc screen. This enables you to quickly access your recent projects. It also allows you to see your project status.

Replace Facility - This has been enhanced and now includes a redo facility.

Report Notes - You are able to create Notes that will appear at the start of your reports.

Save Deleted Product Data - Steelcalc will now retain any information from a Product that has been removed from the Steelcalc library.

Set Default Directories - This facility enables you to set your preferred file directories or to allow Steelcalc to use its preset directories.

Steelcalc Explorer - This has been enhanced to allow the user to select individual facilities and it now high-lights the products that are currently in use within your project.

Steelcalc Steel Sizes Grid - Steelcalc now saves and restores the steel sizes back to its original status for every steel section used.

Steelcalc Project Grid - This has been enhanced to allow the user to select which columns you wish to view or hide.

Steelcalc RDF Report file - This report file type can only be shared between Steelcalc users. Adds security to your reports.

Steel Type Wastage System - This system allows you to set a percentage wastage value for each individual steel section type.

Totals and Report Builder - Quotation Report - You can now create a Quotation report.

Cost Centre - Central Hub - This facility enables you to update the Central Hub Cost Centre and then allows other users to update their own personal Cost Centre with the data stored in the Central Hub Cost Centre.