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Steelcalc Searches

Click any of the two links below to search for current Intumescents Paints certification details. This information is also stored in the Steelcalc software and can be viewed in the Product Data Information facility. The details also appear on all reports created in Steelcalc.


Steelcalc Search for Products

To search for the product you are looking for simply select a product type from the drop down list box below and click the "Product Search" button. You can also enter a keyword if required.

Select a Product Type :
Enter a Keyword :

Steelcalc Search for Company

To search for the Company you are looking for simply enter a part of the Company's name or all of the name then click the 'Company Search' button.

Select an Area :
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Steelcalc Search for Useful Information

The useful information database gives you names and addresses of companies relating to Fire Protection. To refine your search you can enter a Company name.

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Steelcalc Search for Test Standards

To find out information for test Standards then click on this link.