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To use My Account you need to be a registered user with FPSI Limited. Please sign in using your email address and account identification that was given to you by FPSI Limited. Your sign in details are shown in any Steelcalc New Licence email or Steelcalc Update available email.

Demo Users : You can use your Steelcalc demo account to download the latest Steelcalc v6 Demo.

Fully Licenced Users : You can use your account to check to see if your current Steelcalc licence(s) has any downloads available.

Note: When signed in use the link next to your listed serial numbers to see if there is a download available. The required download link will be between the two following symbols if available. -

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Your Account Identification Code is on your New Licence email and or any Updates available emails

Once signed in you will also find details of how to install, remove Steelcalc from your machine or how to transfer the licence to another user. A brief description of how to remove Steelcalc so you can transfer the licence to another user or install Steelcalc on a new machine, you need to use the Windows Add/Remove facilty. You can then sign in here to download the latest Steelcalc software. Install Steelcalc on the required machine with the file that you downloaded from your Steelcalc account. You then start Steelcalc (once installed), select to register licence, enter your email address and Steelcalc will do the rest. If you are transfering to another user then you need to tell the Steelcalc Team the new user details so they can create a new account.