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Steelcalc FAQ

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Steelcalc Installation
Steelcalc General
Steelcalc Features
Steelcalc Purchasing

Steelcalc Installation

What Operating Systems does Steelcalc work on?

Steelcalc will work on the following Windows Operating Systems. A Minimum Dual Core Processor is required and at least 500MB of free memory.

Windows  8.1,  8, 10 - 32 and 64 bit

Windows Server 2016

No other Windows versions have been tested and so are not supported.

All require an Internet connection and the .NET Framework 4.8 installed.

Steelcalc is not available on the Mac. You can use a Windows emulation package for Steelcalc to work on the Mac.

How do we install Steelcalc?

Steelcalc is available as a download from your online Steelcalc account. After download you double click on the downloaded file to start the setup wizard running. Just follow the instructions on the setup screen.

To register a licence you will just need to enter your email address in Steelcalc, this will be requested when you first start Steelcalc.

You will find more information about installing and registering licences in your online Steelcalc account which is created when you purchase a licence.

Uninstall Steelcalc or Move to another computer

To remove Steelcalc from your machine you need to use your Windows operating systems 'Add/Remove Program' facilty which can be found in your Windows Control Panel. The removal process will unlock any licences that you currently have registered on your machine.

If moving to another machine then once the licences have been unlocked you can install Steelcalc on the new machine and register the licences again. All you require is your email address to register licences. Your email address will be requested when starting Steelcalc for the first time.

More information is available in the Steelcalc Help file.

How do I transfer my licence to another user?
To transfer a licence to another user you must first remove the licence from Steelcalc. Once removed the Steelcalc team will need the details of the new user. This will be the email address and user name. The Steelcalc team will create a new Steelcalc account for the new user and then send them the details so they can gain access to the required downloads from their own Steelcalc account.

Steelcalc General

What is Steelcalc?

Steelcalc software estimates, analyses and compares different types of products for structural fire protection.

How does Steelcalc update my projects when we receive library updates?

You have two options.

Option 1 : If your project is completed then you can select not to have your project updated so Steelcalc will retain all previous loading data.

Option 2 : If you select to update your project then Steelcalc will check through all inputted loading data and automatically update the information for you. Your project will then be using the latest loading data available.

Can we copy a Board project into a Intumescent project?

With a Multi-System licence you can copy and paste to any one of the product types available to you. So if you have just completed a Board job and you now wish to found out what options are available to you in Intumescents then just copy all your required steel sections into your Copy Store create a new Intumescent project and then paste the copied data into the new job. Steelcalc will automatically convert all the steel sections to the new format.

Can Steelcalc handle European Steel Sections?
Yes and also American and Australian, as well as BS Sections.
How do you ensure the product data is up to date?
We are sent the majority of new data, direct from Manufacturers upon release. They are generally Users of Steelcalc themselves! The remainder come from our regular checks on certifying, testing, assessment and association websites.
Can we put Steelcalc on our Server for all to use?
No, the Licences are provided on a single User basis on one machine. Although, access to other User's projects, within your organisation, is possible.
Is Steelcalc available in Imperial measurements?
No, it is only available in Metric format. Imperial steel sections are shown in a metric conversion.
How many times do you issue an Update per year?
Although, this will depend upon industry activity, we issue a good number per year.
How do we know that we are using the latest product data?
Within Steelcalc, each product has a page of information. One item, details the source used with the Test/Assessment Number and/or date of issue. This information is also included on your printed reports.
Can I install Steelcalc on my main PC and Laptop under the same licence
No, the Steelcalc licence permits a single user on only one machine to install the software. If you also want to install Steelcalc on a laptop then a second licence would need to be purchased.
How do I check for Updates?
Steelcalc will automatically check and notify you if you have an outstanding update available. You can also check for yourself by signing in to your Steelcalc account on-line or when in Steelcalc use the Check for Updates facility which you will find in the drop down menu Help.

Steelcalc Features

Can we change the design of the Steelcalc reports?

You have the option to style your own reports. You can also include your own company logo.

You can find both facilities in the Totals and Report Builder program. To include your own company logo click on the Tools drop down menu and select Import Report Logo. Select a bmp image from your computer and save it to the reports. To change the reports design click on the Options drop down menu and select Set Report Options. Within Set Report Options you will see a tab called Report Styling click on this tab to change the default settings.

Can Steelcalc calculate Cellular Beam details?
Yes, either those made up of standard sections or plate steels. There is a very useful Search facility to find the sections from a description. The modified DFT, supplied by each Manufacturer, is then added per section.
Can Steelcalc handle 'Special' steel sections?
Facilities are supplied to create partial exposures, add shelf angles or plates and create perimeter Beam details.
Are you able to handle Multi-temperature data, say in accordance with EN Standards?
We have an EN Version which enables the input of data with Failure Temperatures between 350°C and 750°C at 50°C intervals.

as of 2013 the data held is limited to those products that have been fully tested.
How accurate are the calculations made?
The source dimensions of all steel sections are held in our database, including root radii. The exact girth, A/V or Hp/A can therefore be established. All A/V figures are adjusted to nearest 5.

Steelcalc Purchasing

How do I purchase Steelcalc?

Simply email us by giving us your requirements and we will send you all the information you need.

Let us know which package you require and how many and we will send you a quote.

What Steelcalc packages are available to me?
  • Steelcalc Multi-Systems - All Available Product Types
  • Steelcalc Intumescents Only
  • Steelcalc EN Intumescents Only

All packages include the 1st years maintenance upgrades. This gives you all software and library changes keeping you up to date with all the current information available.

How quickly can we start to use Steelcalc?
Once initial payment has been received, an email will be sent to new Users within a targeted 24 hours.