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About Us

We set up our business in July 1995 in order to develop specialist software for the Passive Fire Protection industry.

The ever increasing complexity and sophistication of products and their capabilities were making estimating a slow and laborious procedure.

Working with calculators and the thousands or so steel sections in differing orientations, meant estimates could take days to complete.

A combination of industry knowledge and computer skills led to the development of our first Windows software to help Manufacturers, Contractors and Estimators.

We have developed this package into a set of products that are recognised as the best in the industry.

Individual solutions have also been developed to help resolve clients particular needs and problems.

Our Company Policy

It is our stated intention to:

  • produce specialist software for the Passive Fire Protection industry of a consistently high standard
  • continuously upgrade our service to our customers
  • increase the usefulness of our products and make them as effective as commercially possible

This will be carried out in the following ways:

  • Upgrading existing products with the latest Manufacturers and Product information as it becomes available
  • Adding new Manufacturers or Products as they are agreed with Companies
  • Improving existing products by expanding their technical capabilities and levels of information
  • Launching additional products in order that an ever increasing level of customer service is provided across the marketplace

To help us achieve this, we welcome any ideas and suggestions from our customers whom we appreciate may have special needs. Please contact us in order to discuss these.


We, the Directors of FPSI Limited have been personally involved with the development of the products since 1995 and have set ourselves high standards. Our wish is to produce high quality, effective software that is easy to use and really useful.

To secure the quality of these products, very high levels of software security have been incorporated in order to protect ourselves but more importantly our valued paid-up customers.

We make no apology therefore for the restrictions on registration and limitations of use within a company that are imposed in our Licence.